First  of all thanks for answering my questions. How is 2017 going so far? Where have you been and how satisfied are you with this few months?

The year has gone very well so far. Slightly exhausted with the traveling, but very satisfied with all the amazing trips I have done. I launched Kwench Records at the end of last year, and it has been well received so far. I’ve worked with artists that have inspired me over the years, which has been a huge privilege. We have had such great beginnings it’s been really amazing.

You were born in the UK, grown up in Austria but spent many years in Berlin as well as in Paris. So many inspirations I suppose. Can you compare club- and music scene in the cities where you lived already.

This is a very difficult question to answer as it’s so broad, but all the places have their own individual heartbeat. You can find good parties anywhere in the world. I would have to say though, Berlin has the most vibrant scene which I think is down to different opening hours. Most parties and clubs go on all through the weekend without closing, and so it’s more exciting, and much more present, there are so many things on offer. It’s probably seen as cooler to party there!

And what inspired you musically at the beginning of your career? Was that a special impact when you decided to build up your music career? If so what was that?

What inspired me most at the beginning of my career was to see these amazing female DJs doing their thing, and owning it. Miss Kitten, Electric Indigo, Acid Maria. Not female but DJ Hell was someone who also inspired me a lot too. HIs label Gigolo Records was releasing divers and brilliant artists. A lot of techno and at the same time had a very stylish edge.

Your favourite artists and albums back then?

I was inspired by a lot of American produced house and techno back then, particularly  from Detroit. Theo Parrish and Moodyman I found amazing. I also loved German labels such as Playhouse, Perlon, Klang, Kompakt…

You have been to the business for around 15 years but you released your first LP album in 2016. Is it that difficult to compile such material?

 Yes it is difficult, as it’s such a personal project. Or at least I feel that an LP should be a personal project which is why it has to be the right time, and you need to be in the correct head space to create such a body of work for it to flow naturally. It’s also difficult to let go of fear and pressure, and follow your instinct. Firstly I am a DJ, and DJs never needed to release albums early on in my career, really. I never wanted to do it to further my career, but only when I was ready, which is why it took such a long time, and I felt it was right to do.

Your record label called Kwench started it’s journey in 2017. Can you tell us more about the label and the conception behind?

I wanted to try and release music differently in a sense that it’s more conceptual. To have collaboration as the basis of the label, two persons minds, personalities, creativity, working together is a much more interesting approach. So far, I have had an amazing experience, and worked with some very talented artists, some whom I have looked up to for many years. It’s a very satisfying process for me, and I’m looking forward to the labels potential.

How is your calendar look like for the summer season? Are you excited about it? As I can see you are coming back to Hungary as well.

I must say I am very excited about Ibiza this summer as I have another different season to look forward to, playing a few new clubs and parties. I have two all night long sets for Cocoon in Room 2 at Pacha this summer, on the 1st August and the 5th September, which I can’t wait for. I am also playing Heart for the first time which seems to be developing into a really cool space. I will also play Amnesia again, and I haven’t played there for a long time.
I also have an all night long in Room 3 at Fabric in London 30th June. I am happy to be playing all night sets in different locations, as I am able to express myself fully. The room and sound system has to be right of course, where it makes sense and for me to be at my best doing it, and the surroundings help massively. If you want to play edgy records, you have to play longer sets to know that you are able to go there. You can finally play all those records you have been dying to play!

And finally, what is your message for your Hungarian  fans?

Köszönöm szepem. Thanks for being fans and coming to hear me play!