Airsound Records what still goes strong, expanded itself from the north-western region of Hungary to the international techno scene. The label, founded in 2015, is over its eightieth release since then! The purpose of the publisher is duplex. On the one hand, it provides an opportunity for the ambitious producers of the region and Hungary. Besides this, it also provides opportunities for those producers who have already earned a serious rank, but it provides space for emerging international performers as well. Here is a really respectable list of performers and nations who have released their music during taking care of Airsound Records: [Wex10) (France), Dimitar Georgiev (Bulgaria), A-Brothers (Austria), Vegim (Kosovo), Anders (Brazil), Callum Plant (United Kingdom), and Dangelo (Argentina) – to name just a few.

Airsound Records ’eighth release belongs to an Argentine DJ / producer, to Johann Arty. He himself spread his wings at the “Under Club,” a club known far and wide in Buenos Aires. His DJ sets focus on the atmosphere created by each piece of music, featuring a wide range of sounds and feelings that hit the dance floor with enough energy. Also the international scene has already noticed his producer work, and Axel Karakasis, Bernardo Hangar, Christian Smith, Danny Tenaglia, Dax J, Ilario Alicante, Joseph Capriati, Marco Bailey, Paco Osuna, Paul Nazca and Richie Hawtin‘s support is proof of that.

The EP, released today, is titled “Disruptive Return” and features a total of five of her own tracks and a remix made by Akos Wex, head of Airsound Records, for the argentinean producer. The EP has already won the favor of the profession, Ancient Methods, Slam, Electric Rescue also expressed a positive opinion about the recording. Each track is stripped to the brim, so to speak, it reaches the soul of techno, dark hypnotic bass make the listener fall into a trance bringing dark, industrial sounds to the fore. It’s hard to listen to the recording without giving ourselves over to the music in a rhythmic motion. If you listen to this, you will surely immediately think about where to go to have a party this weekend!