Our returned series of interviews, entitled BUDAPEST WORLDWIDE, which is intended to show our readers what experiences foreigners living here have about Hungary and within that about Budapest. What do they think about us Hungarians, how they managed to integrate, what they think of our language or Hungarian cuisine, and there are many other interesting things that come to light.

First of all thank you very much for answering my questions. Please introduce yourself, who you are where you are coming from? What was the main reason, why did you choose Budapest? Have you ever been in Hungary before?

Thanks for inviting me! Well, I’m Vedat Akdağ, originally from Turkey, living in Budapest for 6 years! I’m a collector, good listener (not only music), story teller, music and vibe maker. There was no main reason to choose Budapest, it just happened and I was lucky enough to find good friends here.I’ve never been here before…

When I had my very first gig at Müszi and after Corvin Club, I decided to stay here a bit more. Actually after my Corvin Club gig, one of my friends called me and asked me to play an after party at Bohemian Betyars house party when I was going home. I did not know who was there but I went there and played music. I met lots of nice people there and I’ve been invited to Hintalo to drink very nice drinks and play records…

Did you know anything about Budapest’s nightlife before you moved to Hungary?

Before I started my journey to Budapest , I just checked online. I saw some events with Pachanga Boys, Barnt, and some „Comeme” artists. I was happy to see these kinds of music events.

When you were going out in your homeland where did you go?

My city is Bursa, very close to İstanbul. I went home 3 years ago. I had a small tour in Turkey, and played at 6 venues. Besides visiting family, I always want to go eat fine-fresh food.

Is there anything strange that is not common in your homeland but it is quite normal in Budapest? What is the main difference between these two countries?

I did not have time to think about this before, I just learned by experience. Customer service is quite different, it just came to my mind now 🙂 Quality of food product and climate, ah and seafood!

What was the first Hungarian word you learned?

I dont want to say it here 🙂

What is your favourite club in the city?


What music projects are you working on?

At the moment, we have a label, still working on it. We want to release our own music. I hope it will come out soon. We are just waiting the right time.

Im working on one track called ” Anka” , its gonna be long trip, more than 10 minutes. According to mythology, Anka is one of the birds that cannot find another match-partner , who is left alone forever after losing their partner. As this situation is represented, the Anka symbolizes eternal loyalty and love and affection at the highest level.

Another thing, Im sampling tunes from old times.

What do you think about Hungarian cuisine? Could you name a dish that you never had before and you really like?

No offense but I think it’s not my thing. First of all, I sometimes travel only for food.I go to another county to eat and come back. Even when I have a gig abroad, I check the shops and restaurants first like, cheese shops, wine stores…

I really give it a try here. It’s really ok but not on the point. Maybe its coming from my habits, I am looking for fresh herbs, powerful tastes, kicks in your mount. But here in Hungary dishes are sometimes over paprika spiced, sometimes so much fat. One of my friends mom’s make very good töltött káposzta, I like this dish. Also, I like desserts more here…

Apart from going out in a club or pub are there any other places you like to visit? Have you got favourite places in the city?

Records stores, I am happy to check them. And cinema called Bem Mozi.

If you can specify anything, what is the most difficult thing you will never get used to?

I wish I could read more books to tell my feelings… If I can not express myself, I’m just listening , and drawing. But I believe if ı could read more and more, I could say things easily…

Foreigners dont always think positive of Hungarians. When I used to live in foreign lands I also had bad experiences. Just be honest because our readers are really open minded, advanced thinking people: specify anything you don’t like in this country or how the Hungarians behave?

Alright! I’m honest, always have been honest in my life… I don’t want to generalize , because as I mentioned I met very nice people here and we became good friends, and that’s why I stayed here… But some people do not appreciate love, positive feelings here as I experienced.There is some communication problem between people, they hide their thoughts or put their insides and later blow them away! Collecting in a bottle and breaking the bottle after is not good!

And shame… we need to be shamed more to make this weird world better.