Think of the perfect rave party! What comes to your mind?

My first guess was that so many men so many minds, but I suppose that there has to be something that frames the personal preferences. For example the location can be indoors or outdoors, far from the city center or downtown, preferring comfort or following the authentic illegal party traditions. We can point out that certain local assets affect the characteristics of the given music event and it also matters how the target audience and the program fit into the previous references of the venue.  All in all we can say that we are searching for something that legends refer to as the atmosphere.

Through an informal conversation with Timour Janadieh (@timmja) and Szerdahelyi Oliver (@szoliver) we tried to find a meaning behind this undefiniable, shapeless and elusive word.

Since we met at a special, imposing but strictly secret venue, I started the conversation with questions focusing on the location. Leaving the clickbait phasing aside, the factory – about which I can tell that it hasn’t been functioning in the last years-  after it burnt down in 1995, gave place to several techno events between 2002-2007. Now as we can see, in the summer of liberation (the festivals reopening their gates) the fast electronic noise harmonies have gone back to their roots. Earlier I could only observe this industrial monstrous building at night, the inner scenery immediately makes a strong impression on the guests: a huge place divided into several rooms, offering many possibilities to spend some private time or to loosen up in the crowd, decade old graffities everywhere, lonely teddy bears, pieces of different materials and huge windows.


We all agreed on the fact that the hidden gem of the venue is the smoking terrace with its wild vegetation climbing through the concrete walls. This is the place where no one comes by on accident. As I mentioned before we also came with a purpose.

Not to forget the atmosphere as the main principle- entertainment and being entertained have become inseparable notions for both of them. They want to create a safe and friendly atmosphere in which -obviously- they can loosen up just as easily as the others coming to the party can. They complete their organizer tasks and dance with the crowd simultaneously.

Oliver and Tim got to know each other as producers/DJs. Initially, on the first Identitat event Timja was only performing as a DJ. That’s where they had a talk which made them realize that besides sharing the same views on cardinal aspects of art and organizing, their styles also meet in the intersection of a broad range.

However, besides their important similarities, their differences also complement each other: Oliver has been playing the piano for 10 years and Tim has trained himself in mixing. Tim gained his experience in organizing while working with Potent and szoliver gained his while working with tech.lab. till their passion, love and humility for music made them start working together.

Now we understand why the main goal of the Identitat parties is to introduce the public in Budapest to outstanding producers and DJs who work in several genres. Their next party being held at the end of July is planned to be a complex multi-disciplinary event which hopefully will turn out to be not only good or very good but memorable. They are already storing their ideas for the upcoming club season: Alarico and by stander were highlighted as options. Oliver and Tim aim to provide opportunities for not only Hungary-based but for forgein DJs as well. In practice this will mean an anonymous application platform on which anyone can upload their best recordings. Based on the selection and the quality of the sets the guys will pick out that lucky applicant who will be put on the next party’s lineup.

Quality and clearance are essential, this is set in stone. The name itself comes from this philosophy: the essence of Identitat that each of the tracks played at the party should represent itself. That in the given context these tracks should tell a story while being mixed together, that they should transmit a meaning filled with emotions. If the organizers had to promise one thing for the future, it would be to keep music in its central role.

If you want to know more about Identität, the mysterious venue or about the guys’ further plans, the easiest is to join their Facebook group- you can find the link with the other external links at the end of the article- which besides functioning as a communication platform also works as a community-building initiative.

Since everyone thinks of something else when being asked about the features of ideal entertainment, why not look for these answers together?

TECHLAB SOUNDCLOUD (2 in 1 with Identität):


Thanks to Eszter Dobos for translating and editing!
Written and illustrated by Fanni Szegedi