Today we are launching a new series of interviews, entitled BUDAPEST WORLDWIDE, which is intended to show our readers what experiences foreigners living here have about Hungary and within that about Budapest. What do they think about us Hungarians, how they managed to integrate, what they think of our language or Hungarian cuisine, and there are many other interesting things that come to light.

First of all thank you very much for answering my questions. Please introduce yourself, who you are where are you coming from? What was the main reason, why did you choose Budapest? Have you ever been in Hungary before?

I’m Alexander, 23 year old music producer / dj / liveact from Norway. I grew up in a small city called Trondheim. Not much happening there really, except for skiing in the winter and fishing in the summer.

I chose Budapest mainly because my girlfriend went here for her veterinary studies. Without ever visiting Budapest I just sort of packed my stuff and made a move, quite funny without even haveing the slightest clue of how the city was like or knowing anything of the music scene in particular.. Right now I can honestly say I love it!

Did you know anything about Budapest’s nightlife before you moved to Hungary?

Nothing at all… I came in touch with the guys from All inn and especially “Forsek” when rumors spread that this Norwegian guy was going to Budapest.. They introduced me to the underground scene and gave me a few gigs as well. Thank you!!

When you were going out in your homeland where did you go?

In my hometown it was really strange.. Everybody goes out around midnight (totally drunk) and the bars and clubs closes 02:00 AM.. Oslo is one of the few cities that have opening hours until 03:00 AM !!! So basicly I went for a two hour dj-set and then home for a good night sleep..

Is there anything strange that is not common in your homeland but it is quite normal in Budapest? Maybe all the way round? What is the main difference between this two countries?

Me or my friends buying a round of beer / coffee!! The average norwegian would never do that..

What was the first Hungarian word you learned?

“Nem nem nem”

What is / what are your favourite club/clubs in the city?

R33… The only place I can really feel the real underground vibe.

What do you think about Hungarian cuisine? Could you name a dish what you have never had before and you really like it?

Hmm, to be honest I’v been terrible at exploring the Hungarian cusine.. Forsek made me once “goulash” (??). That was super tasty!!

Apart from going out in a club or pub is there any other place you like to visit? Have you got favourite places in the city?

My favourite place is definitly “My little Melbourne” small coffee house near to Deak Ferenc ter.. I used to go there at least once a week for proper “Cortado”. It’s also dog friendly! Other then that I appreciate going to the several parks around Budapest.

If you can specify anything, what is the most difficult thing you will never get used to?

The Hungarian bakery products.. I will never get used to it… Everything taste so different to what I grew up with. And all the cottage cheese.. Why cottage cheese??

To be honest apart from “romkocsma-pubs”, various festivals and pornography the foreigners think not always positive of Hungarians. When I used to live in foreign lands I also had bad experiences. Just be honest because our readers are really open minded, advanced thinking people: specify anything you don’t like in this country or how the Hungarians behave?

A lot of the people working in the service industry are hopeless. Refuse to speak English (and I know some of them can!!). All they will tell me when they realize I speak english is: “nem nem nem”. At least how about a smile?? I should probably learn the language :)))