You were a superhero for the Hungarian techno fans back in the early 2000s. What do you think what’s the reason for that?

I don’t like the term was, or is a super hero. Im just like everyone else, the only difference is Im blessed to be able to bring what I love to the people.

People can relate to some one who is just like them. I am a humble person and I know how it feels to be on the dance floor and having fun to a dj you like and the music that is being played. The people see this when I am playing and they feel the energy and love coming from me.

Was that a good idea back then when you turned into hard techno? Some people say that was a good way but others say that was not really your style as it is too primitive. What is your point of view?

First off I didn’t just turn into Hard Techno, my music has always been about energy, It don’t matter what Genre or BPM, if I can dance to it I will play it. You can not please everyone. My roots is Disco and house music, within that scene you still can’t please everyone, some one is going to have their option about you, so that’s why I do not care what people think, I do me and only me and if you like it cool and if you don’t trust me Ill live another day. Also the problem is people alway try to put artist into a box, you play like this, you play like that, most of the negativity always comes from the late generation who don’t even have a background culture in music, all they know is one genre and that’s what their sticking with. If you really knew me, then you would know that I play all kinds of goodies in my set, build up to a certain energy and end with a bang. I like the music to guide me, and who knows what might happen tomorrow I might feel like playing even slower or faster but it’s going to be the music I love, not what people expect from me or the hype that is going on now, I am not and never will be a follower. Let me tell you a short story, I was playing a whole set 128BMP so much energy and some people came to me after and said I love your new shranz sound, OMG what the fuck did they say.. so you see people will make up shit to fit their agenda.

What kind of artists are inspired you at the beginning of your career?

Artist you will never know, I am back in the old school day from Disco and House and the artist was name DJ R. from the rink zone.

Please share your current favourite artists / producers with us.

Sorry but I don’t have a favourite artist at the moment, I just like music and if it good I’ll play it.

Your most popular song „Get on up” is living it’s renaissance this year, many DJs play it again. I heard it from Sven Väth this summer. Could you tell us the story of this music or a backstage story about this song you haven’t talked about before?

Theres nothing really special to say about this song, just that its catchy and people can sing alone with it, even though people still get the lyric wrong ha ha ha but I love when people try, isn’t that’s what important bringing people together with music. I remember sitting at home in Berlin and like always I like to come with something special every time I play. Before the CDJ was famous, I use to request a CD player so I can play songs I made. I decided why not remake a old classic I love, and I just went for it and within 30 min. Get on up was born, the next day I played it out and this kids went crazy, the original is a slower tempo and that’s the beauty of playing back in the day, people just wanted to have fun and didn’t think about BPM.

Do you still play other styles like Chicago house?

I always play House music and disco. If the vibe and the party is right I will glide some soul into the mix. I even play some disco and house events, but it must be promoted right. Thats my heart, love and passion so if Im going to play a disco, house set then the event must be correct and right.

We played a recorded live in 2000 from Straße E, Dresden, Germany so many times. Tell us more about that party if you still remember.

East Germany will always be apart of me musically, because the energy level in the east is so amazing. The people just want to have fun and go crazy. Strasse E was the birth place of Major Rush AKA the drum Major, I could play everything thing there and all my songs went down well there, the location and the sound system was so intense, the strange thing people only have certain sets from me playing there, but the best set are not available or recorded.

Please tell us a special story that happened to you in Hungary. In case there are more than one it’s not a problem we are happy to hear more stories!

M47 so many stories, but I do remember after djing going to the bar to have some drinks with the people and headed to the dance floor to get my party on, and I got my big ass in this cage that’s in the middle of the dance floor, I went in but I couldn’t get out, the people was like surrounding the cage and partying hard and going crazy so I had to continue to dance in there until I was rescued ha ha ha, it was so funny.

I remember playing for Bonusz some years years years ago, I made a remix of a Tiesto Song, and I started of with it, I didn’t expect the response I got, the place just went up in smoke, the people went totally crazy, hands up, happy faces, screaming it was really wild, that touched me, because you felt the love from the people. These are people my people and I will show them some love and I gave them my all that night.

Have you managed to reach your career goals?

I will not never reach all my goals, because I keep setting goals for myself.

I would like to stay active in music until the day I die. When I complete one goal, believe me there’s always another one to complete. It keeps me feeling good knowing to have something to work for.

What would be your advise for yourself back in the years late ’90s / early 2000?

I have no regrets, and don’t apologise for the things I have done, for that reason I became successful with what I love to do. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I traveled the world, I met some amazing people, I put so many smiles on people faces, I was able to help others, even if some stabbed me in the back but karma is kicking their asses now. Im doing me and enjoying life and I still get to see the world and meet some amazing people and be able to touch souls. My fans also touched my soul and continue to put smiles on my face and even a tear here and there.

What’s going on with your record label called knee deep?

KNE DEEP is still active, I only put out selective songs and artist on the label. The label is for fun. I enjoy putting music out on it, so I will continue to keep the label running.

What do you like to do when you have some free time? How does an average day looks like?

My free time, I love to sit in the garden half naked or in the hot tub and just relax, or grilling. Living in Portugal you can this all year non stop. I need peace, before the weekend, because traveling can be very hard and stressful. Just the little things you do for yourself can go along way.

What can we expect from you in Bonusz Festival this year?

Lots of ENERGY..